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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Creative Choreography ... Inspired ....

What could they possibly be doing?

Each of these creatures represents a multitude of occasions when I was assaulted by them, or one of their cousins ... most recently .. yesterday ... in the middle of traffic on a busy thoroughfare in Sarasota, Florida.   

Just what is he thinking as he claims his territory?

Exactly where IS this black button?

Almost space alien-ish .. with a clear image.

While sitting in traffic on a busy road in Sarasota, my arm rested on the door of the open window. Suddenly there was a splatter of cool wet-ness on my arm, then the image of something jumping to the door next to my arm. Startled.. but able to stifle the scream rising from my throat ... I got a close up look at the little fellow just before I reacted by flicking him off the door and he splat landed on the hot pavement.  I am under the sign of the Dragon of the Chinese Zodiac, but I swear there must be something of the frog influence in my life.

Since this Previous Post ....

Nearly a year has passed since this draft above... and now I shall post it here ... along with this update ....


While standing in the cool of the evening rain somewhere in Englewood, FL ... I chatted with an acquaintance... and suddenly felt a cool "drop" attached to my throat.  (consider the acrobatics of a drop of coolness falling UP to my throat 'neath my chin )
My right hand reaching up to investigate this coolness, startled the small offender and it LEAPT from my throat to the foot of the nearby acquaintance... promoting a choreographed yell from her ! 

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